5.2 The union of the Feminine and Masculine is Holy in the Vedas


The coming together of the Feminine and the Masculine creates new life, so that the Soul can develop further.
In the ancient Vedic literature of thousands of years before our era, the coming together of the Feminine and the Masculine was already described as a Divine and Holy event, as is so beautifully expressed in this Moola mantra.


Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma

Purushot’hama Paramath’ma

Sri Bagavati Sametha

Sri Bagavate Namaha

Hari Om Tat sat (4x)


When the Divine Motherhood (Sri Bagavatï) comes together with the Divine Fatherhood (Sri Bagavate) and the unmanifested female energy with the manifesting creative masculine energy, then there is Divine bliss (Ananda), great Divine inspiration (ParaBrahma, Purusha Utama)
Refrain: You are that oh God (Hari Om Tat sat)

Source vocals: Youtube Karunesh