50.2 Those who came back from the dead


In the book ‘Those who came back from the dead’, three people tell Jozef Rulof how they experienced their transition to the Hereafter.
The first report is from a priest who gave unconditional love to many people during his life.
His dying takes place very calmly and serenely, because during his life he already released himself from many earthly feelings.
In the second part, Jeanne tells how during her death she suffers much from the sadness of her sister who takes care of her.
Her sister wants to keep Jeanne for the earthly life, and Jeanne experiences this as a resistance which makes it difficult for her to depart.
The third part is about Gerhard.
His motto in his earthly life was ‘death is death’ and ‘you must let the dead rest’.
After his death, he ends up in an astral sphere, which took shape by means of his closeness.
He finds himself locked up in a sort of astral bunker which he cannot get out of until he opens himself inwardly for the spiritual truth of life after death.
To his despair, he has to experience that the astral sphere which he entered is a perfect mirror of his inner feelings.
By describing his battle, he gives us a deep insight into how we can discard our lower character traits and open ourselves to the light of our own spiritual evolution.

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