50.3 The Cycle of the Soul


Jozef Rulof received the novel ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ from the spirit Lantos.
In this book, Lantos explains that he had acquired his pronounced talent for visual arts in his last life on earth by working hard during many previous lives on depicting the reality.
From the spiritual life after death, he then studied human life on earth for nine centuries.
As a result, he sees how not only our skills but also all our character traits evolve and how we ourselves create our future as a result of actions from past lives.
In this way, he learns for instance the unknown spiritual consequences of suicide.
He experiences that the human being keeps on receiving new life opportunities to work on his inner self and to expand his feeling, ultimately to universal love.
In the third part of the book, Lantos gives us an intriguing image of the essence of the twin soul.
His inner bond with his childhood sweetheart Marianne during his last life on earth was the result of the many lives during which they had loved each other as twin souls.
He also feels that one day he will be connected again with her, in order to continue together eternally in love and harmony in life after death.

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