50.4 Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side


In the book ‘Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side’, Alcar, the spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof, analysed the psychic problem.
He wrote this book during the first half of the twentieth century, and made use of the terms from then for mental illnesses.
For instance, he talked about ‘psychopathy’ and ‘insanity’.
lcar exposed the real causes for them, and explained why various levels can be distinguished in them.
He made it clear that many psychological problems which people are faced with originate in unreal ideas which disrupt the nervous system.
For instance, ecclesiastical stories such as ‘eternal damnation’ have caused major trauma in the thinking of millions of people who felt burdened as a result and could no longer produce any life force in order to improve their so-called ‘sinful life’.
By means of numerous examples, Alcar demonstrated how many psychotic phenomena have to do with astral influence.
This negative influence of dark spirits can vary from slightly enhancing lower feelings in the earthly being on the one hand, to the deepest grade of possession on the other hand.
Alcar described in much detail the causes and characteristics of this difficult problem.

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