8.2 What does it mean if your child looks like you?


On the face of the child one can see with
which parent, father or mother
there is a karmic relationship.
If the child looks like the mother then
the karmic relationship is with the mother.
The other way around: if the child looks like
the father, then there is a karmic relationship
with the father.


-That is not the child which comes
just like that, because we were already
involved with that life.
If we are not involved with that life,
with that soul, that personality,
then we could not even attract that life.

Question and answer Part 2  p.304

 -Those who are honestly prepared to open
their mind and to give themselves
completely will feel and understand this
and recognize cause and effect.

 The Origin of the Universe p.349

 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof