8.3 How is the face of the child formed in the mother?


In the first instance, the face of the child in
the womb is shaped by the own feeling.
In addition, the karmic feeling connection
with the parent has influence.
The stronger the karmic relationship,
the more the child will look like this parent.


-So the life of feeling, we talked about that a
moment ago, creates and gives birth to the face.
It looks like the mother or the father, but you
create and give birth to the face.

Question and Answer Part 2 p.306

-And you have the human paternal eye
and you have the maternal eye.
And if you wish to know where the maternal eye
lives, and that is for the father too,
then that is always the left side, your heart side,
because motherhood lives there.

 Lectures Part 2 p.53

 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof