8.4 Where does the character and the talents of the child come from?


Every soul has built up its own character
in previous lives.
The character of your child therefore has
it all by itself and can therefore not be
inherited from the parents.
Talents are from past lives.


-This is most clearly seen in children.
On earth, these feelings are referred to
as talent, intellect, but that is not the truth.
The soul has acquired these qualities in the
previous life, or perhaps many lives ago.

 The Origin of the Universe p.317, 318

-We can explain you that the soul is an astral
personality, because of every thought or
action this can be determined.
For example, if your baby is looking at you,
you can already accept that he draws from
the life in which he once was.
-It is not surprising at all that this child
plays the piano.
His soul has acquired this feeling in past lives.

 Historisch Document p.43,44

 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof