9.5 Through Reincarnation human can have spiritual and a physical evolution


In order to be able to evolve spiritual and physical, the human soul always needs a new body, a new life, in ever-changing situations.
When this physical evolution is completed on Earth, the Soul begins to dissolve the karma. Only then does Mother Earth let the Soul go and is it attracted by the astral sphere that connects to the level of consciousness  that it has achieved in all earthly lives.


Man not only needed millions of years for his material development, but also for his inner life. Both follow one course up to the very highest, which are the Divine Spheres.

The Origin of the Universe  p.178

-God – it is Mother Earth – first gives us the seven grades for the human organism to experience and this also happens infallibly. It is only then that we begin with making good.’

Question and answer Part 1 p.252

-The human being experiences his evolution both materially and spiritually!
 When the soul as human being gives birth and creates, the human being evolves!

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof part 5 p.145,146
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof

The painting: The human path of live by Jozef Painted by the ghost of the late painter Vincent van Gogh
with the help of the body of Jozef Rulof in trance.