11.4 Return from the spheres of Light to make something good or to experience


Men can even incarnate on Earth from the First Light Sphere to make something good in combination with perform a task. Even if the soul lacks a certain experience to continue in the spheres, there is the possibility to incarnate on Earth for this. And always through the World of the Unconscious.


-We can enter the first sphere on this side when we are free from hatred, passion and violence and already possess love, although we still have sins and faults that we can make up for only now.

-Everything must and shall dissolve in the first sphere, André. It is not until then that we can proceed. And to that end many of them return to the earth? Yes, André, to make up for the sins and faults and also to serve.

The Origin of the Universe p.531-532

-I told you of a mother who wanted to experience motherhood. She yearned for fifty years and fi- nally her prayer was answered and she was born again. Those are wonders, André, God helps us in all these conditions and we must be grateful for that.

The Origin of the Universe p.509
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof