11.5 Reincarnation from the dark spheres. All souls evolve towards the Light


There are souls who have completed all their earthly lives and yet have not developed love. After their last life they are then attracted by a dark or twilight atmosphere that suits them. Sooner or later these souls also want to make good everything and then they too can reincarnate on Earth. There is no eternal damnation. All souls evolve towards the Light.


-Reincarnation occurs from all transitions, from those regions that are inwardly prepared. Everyone who yearns to make up what he did wrong can do so and returns to the earth.

-I’m going to explain that every being can experience birth, reincarnation on earth, if he really wants to.

-While on earth, it will irrevocably meet that inner life to which it must make up.
The soul only returns to the earth for that purpose.
Thus, God comes to the aid of this life.
Millions of beings receive this mercy.

 The Origin of the Universe p.507


Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof