16.1 Before creation began, the human soul was part of the All-Soul


Before creation began, individual human souls were still an integral part of the All-Soul.
Then the All-Soul split into countless particles of Divine spiritual plasma. Our human soul is a Divine spark of life, an independent spin-off from the All-Soul and therefore also has the same drive to evolve.
We later find this drive to evolve in every form of life in the cosmos.
You could say that man is a stage of development of the All-Soul.

-Before the creation began – I explained to you – there was only emptiness, but that emptiness was the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood.

Lectures part 1 p.423

-And then I can now make thousands of comparisons, because that All- Source is in you, lives in the human being, lives in the plant, lives in the waters, and lives in nature.
Everywhere you see that All-Source again.

Lectures part 3 p.86

-But I am All-Source, I am All-Light, All-Life, All-Spirit, All-Fatherhood, All-Motherhood, All-Just, I start to feel all these laws, these powers, this inspiring plasma lives in me. I now feel that I was born from all of this.

Lectures part 3 p.72

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof