18.7 The bird originated from animal life and already has on Earth spatial consciousness for the animal


In the evolution of the animal, the sea lion represents the aquatic consciousness and the monkey the land consciousness. But the animal kingdom also knows the birds, they can rise up from the land and represent the next phase of the animal’s evolution: spatial consciousness. Thus, the animal kingdom on earth has already shaped the next stage of evolution. Man will only acquire the spatial consciousness, the spiritual wings in the spheres of Light.

-All life reached becoming conscious in the waters. Can you feel it? Therefore, also the human being. And now you get the land consciousness, the water consciousness and the spatial consciousness. The spatial consciousness releases itself from the animal grade and that is the winged animal species.

Question and Answer Part 5 p.28

It begins there. So, in the waters, so half-water-like, half-land consciousness, and then gradually winged on the land, and the animal goes into the universe. 

Question and Answer Part 6 p.256

-That animal must come back, must evolve and will probably also come back in different breeds for this breed of dog, animal-like consciousness. 
But one day it will fly into the universe, the animal, the dog, the cat, the tiger, the lion, every animal species gets spatial consciousness. And what is that? I told you that, that is the winged sort. 

Question and Answer Part 5 p.178-179

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof