20.2 Connected forever by Twinsoul love


On our cosmic path of life we ​​have a permanent life partner, our twin soul. Already at the first split on the first planet this love originated. This twin soul love is so special, because it belonged to the divine division and was born directly from Almotherly thinking, feeling and consciousness. A love that cannot be compared with falling in love as we know it as people here on Earth. We can never experience that special love, being one with that other, with anyone else except our twin soul.

-It is the part by which we experienced the oneness, no one can never ever give that to you again in the universe, be- cause here we belong to the Divine division. Can you feel this? This is still Divine conscious creating and giving birth. This happens from the im- mediate Divine, All-Mother thinking, feeling and consciousness.

Lectures 2 p.50 

-The twin love for which you are waiting and which you are busy earning, is the holiest union we know on this side and is the highest happiness God can bestow on His Children. This love gives, it serves; she merges with him and he with her, the live through their feelings, in prayer and in faith, while they work for one goal, to bring happiness to mankind and all the other life that `god has created. The cycle of the Soul p.186-187


-Where man and wifehave achieved spiritual happiness, so that they love and understand each other completely, it can be said that they have “twinlove”, that they are “twinsouls”. That is, they are “of the same colour”, one in their feeling and thinking.

My Revelations to the people of the Earth 1947 p.372

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof