20.4 Although separated from each other, the twin soul feels a hidden desire for the other


On Earth, each twin soul follows his own development path.
The Cosmic laws of Karma and Cause and Effect ensure that we primarily meet souls with whom we have a karmic relationship. We have to make something right and learn from each other. We fall in love, have children and if we do well, we learn from all those life lessons and our karma slowly dissolves. Yet there are people who feel that there must also be another deeper love than what they experience. It is the hidden longing for their own twin soul that they will not normally meet in this life. But one day our twin soul will come back to us!

-In each life I searched for that ‘love’ which would understand me, but I did not find it. I lived in my own ‘cause and effect’, which meant sorrow and grief and awakening. However, I kept on yearning for that love, kept asking ‘why’ and ‘what for’. There was sensitivity in me, a great deal of feeling and I was prepared to make up, but the means were beyond me. I travelled round the earth, poor, and then again sometimes rich. All peoples attracted my soul.

Between Life and Dead p.346

-You are twin souls, you are one in everything, in feeling, in understanding and in love.

-This Love is powerful and because it is so powerful yoy will have to earn this great power which means happiness and bliss.

The cycle of the Soul p.185

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof