20.5 Sometimes twin souls meet on Earth


As a result of Karma, every soul must follow its own path, without his or her twin soul. Yet it may be that they meet on earth. That doesn’t always have to be as man and wife. Father and daughter can also be twin souls.
Two men or two women. Every Earth combination is possible. Young and old, poor and rich, ugly and beautiful. You recognize each other as a twin soul by the special and lasting feeling of twin soul Love.
Twin souls understand each other perfectly, love each other perfectly and are then one of color and one of feeling and thinking.

-There even are people on earth who have their eternal twin soul. But most people on earth, and only those who yearn, long, feel and can give much love, who are conscious in their feeling and love will receive their twin-soul on this side, that bond is forever.

However, that is only possible when they love and understand them- selves, the life of their own soul and all other life. Souls, people, then receive the mightiest bliss man can ever receive and that is the twinlove. 

The Origin of the Universep.478

-Mothers and fathers love and are twin souls, they carry the universe, but the child was attracted by one soul, by the father or the mother and receives, or gives, or serves!
Mother and child can be twin souls!
Father and daughter can be twin souls!
Brothers and sisters, and both sisters and sisters can be twin souls, because they keep on meeting each other! The rich and the poor can be twin souls!

The Cosmology 5 p.193

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof