20.6 In the Spheres of Light twin souls continue together again


All twin souls are born of the Divine All-Source and sooner or later they reach the Heavenly Spheres of Light. Here they continue their way together, together. As souls of one world, one personality, one life and as flowers of one color, they represent space. Only together these twin souls can be able to bear this happiness and experience that the universe is in them and that God lives in them.
Sometimes twin souls from the Spheres of Light want to do something for humanity on Earth. An example of this is the couple Curie, a twin soul, who brought new insights into radioactivity on Earth.

-These two souls now, like flowers of one colour, like one world and one thought, one personality and one life, represent the universe. Only they are capable of carrying and representing the macro- cosmic life, because they are now: light… life… and… love!

The Cosmology 5 p.189

-This feeling, this happiness, my son, is tremendous. It is so mighty and great that you float and feel like being adored. Every- thing smiles at you. You pass into the eternal quiet, you feel connected with God, and you feel pure love for man and animal and the life God created. There is a sacred fire deep within you, the Divine fire out of and by which created heaven and earth. All that mighty life will find a place in your heart and she or he who belongs to you feels like you do, loves like you love, carries the way you will; both will bend their head for all those pure gifts.

The Origin of the Universe p.478

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof