20.7 Sometimes a twin soul who has reached the Spheres of Light must wait a while for the other


A twin soul who has to make good a lot of karma or even still causes karma will need more time on Earth to develop, than the other. As a result, there are souls in the Spheres of Light who still have to wait for their twin soul. It may be then, that the other soul is on Earth, but it is also possible that it is in the World of the Unconscious and is waiting for a new life on Earth. It is also possible that the other soul has already finished the lives on Earth but had developed such a spiritual level there, that this soul had been attracted by the dark spheres. The twin soul that has to wait, however, still has enough to learn and sometimes has the option of helping the other soul as a coaching guide.

-Every wrong action, a violating of the life of God, takes us away from this being one, from our twin soul. Yet one day we will come back to each other.
-Since the life obtains consciousness, cause and effect build up.

The Cosmology 5 p.101

-Then it may be possible, again, that the twinsoul for whom you are longing is still on Earth, or, that she is in the land of unconsciousness, waiting there to be attracted by Mother Earth. 
-There is so much for you still to learn. And then, you also may be able to help your twinsoul who still has to go through another life on Earth, from here.

My Revelations to the people of the Earth 1947 p.374

-One day my personality will awaken. One day I will be that far, that I will start to experience the feeling that I am missing a part of myself, and that is now my twin soul. It is only in the Spheres of Light that she will come back to my life, or perhaps sooner, and I will see her, I will feel her in the darkness, because that is also possible.

The Cosmology 5 p.101

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof