26.5 Only by serving in Love can the soul develop spiritually


According to the wisdom of Jozef Rulof and his Heavenly Masters, there is one Divine Power, one Law that encompasses everything and that is LOVE. The more LOVE the soul develops, the more LIGHT it radiates and the greater the CREATIVE POWER. Every soul has that light in it potential and will radiate it as soon as the personality has come to conscious service. We are only attuned to the first sphere of light when all our character traits express joy, amiability and openness.

-Because you must be able to love mankind; and then the universe, every animal, every flower, every tree, everything, life, night, light, clouds, the lightning and the thunder. Everything was born through you. Did you know that? And you must love that, you let that live. And that speaks to you. Can you feel that consciousness? And then that love; it is spatial, it is kind-hearted, just. And then you are carried. 

Question and Answer 6 p.129

-It is not a question of giving love, you do not need to give anything, you only have to be it.

Lectures Part 2 p.406

-Do something, bring the life to awakening, inspire it, and you will cultivate your life garden. Every character trait, a good deed, is an orchid.
And how many orchids do you cultivate in the life? 

Question and Answer 6 p.173

-To possess light on this side, dear friend, is to know. To possess light is happiness, sheer happiness, and that is to love the life that is in everything. That is the cross that God has given us to bear, to accept. That is to feel love for others and to understand the seriousness of life. Then people do not talk of wretches; then people respect life everywhere and always.’  Then the human being is filled with respect. -Then people do not play with life, but people feel respect for that of another and pass into it in love.

Those who came back from the Dead p.12 

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof