26.6 Every soul gets help from spirits of Love


Spirits of love from the spheres of light help man to develop further in spirituality. They do that on Earth by inspiring people to do the right thing. They also help the spiritual man in the spheres and stimulate them to go further and further in their spiritual development. But, mind you, man has a free will and can only be helped if he really wants to commit himself to it.The Earth is an important school.
Spiritual development in a life on Earth is easier for the soul than spiritual development in the spheres.

-You thirst. You come, you want to know. The universe, millions are ready in order to be able to take care of one human being. Because we are that human being. I am that. That is the Christ. That is the deity in you.
When you reach awakening, I have more light. Because I represent with you, by means of you, by means of nature, by means of the space, the universe, the light of life of God, of Christ, of sun, of moon.

Question and Answer 6 p.23

-The human being who does not thirst… You can say here: what does that matter to me. The human being who says on the other side, in that world: ‘What does that matter to me’, we do not even look at them. We let them stay there. That human being is in a world of ‘what does it matter to me’, that world is nothing, nothing, darkness, poverty, cold.

Question and Answer 6  p.27

-On the other side it is much more difficult to help the human being than here. You can still do it here with words, and you just go again. You have light, you have your city, you have your society, you have your care; and there you have nothing. Then you sit in a cold. If you are cold inwardly, you hate, you have characteristics which destroy, then you sit in that destruction. And then we can and then another cannot help you. So you must begin with it yourself. And that is working, working, on the human being, in order to give the human being happiness, harmony, to give love. And then you awaken yourself.

Question and Answer 6  p.143

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof