27.3 Communicate with feeling and move with the speed of thought


For the spirit, there is no language. With one’s own feelings, one can make a spiritual connection with another life and communicate with it. Language plays no role here. As on earth, here we possess our intellectual thinking. We move floating and with the speed of our thought we can travel to another place.The higher the development of the soul the stronger the spiritual powers.

-We know no languages in the spirit, AndreĢ. On this side one must feel and experience, merely feel and we are connected by those feelings and pass on into the human being.

The Origin of the Universe p.400

-I decided that I was on an other continent, for the language spoken here was not mine. And yet I understood her. In feelings I merged with the language and that being and in tis matter I interpreted her own feelings This was spiritual connection. In this way I sensed every language spoken on earth.

The cycle of the Soul p.277

-I already told you that we can travel at the speed of our thoughts, but of course this only holds for those who live on our side.

A view into the Hereafter p.65

-We can move up or down as we please. We have our intellectual thinking capac- ity just as we once had on earth. We own a body which is more beautiful than man possesses or knows of on earth. We can link up and tune in with all the things our inherent powers, which is love, allow. We can link up with everything that lives. We are life and can be one with all of life, with God, because God means life.

-We who are without a body are capable of everything! And all this in accordance with attunement in the spirit, the power of love which is in us. We cannot rise higher. We will possess wisdom according to our feeling.

A view into the Hereafter p.268
Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof