27.7 The third Sphere of Light


Here one sees beings in beautiful robes, surrounded by the cleanest spheres flowers and beautiful birds in untold colors. They live with man and are aware of their lives. Everything is only happiness and Love. Everywhere there are beautiful temples where one is encouraged to develop.
In the Temple of the Universe one can connect with the universe and study it

-He saw the beings, dressed in exquisite garments and surrounded by the most beautiful spheric flowers, which radiated light. Everything was alive, nature sang its pure, sublime song, the people who dwelt here were young and fresh like everything that lived here.

-Here man was happy. Love was what he saw, nothing but love. Everything bore the elated feeling of mindful beings. -Look how beautiful those creatures are who live here. Look at their rays, their oneness with life. Look how great, how uplifting everything is, how pure their love is, and their inner attunement. How gentle their feeling, they’re like children in the spirit. Now, here in the third sphere, he really began to understand the meaning of conditions, attunements in the spirit.

A view into the Hereafter p.342,343

 -What does that temple mean, Alcar? It’s so beautiful.’ ‘It’s the temple we named the universe, in which you will shortly become linked up with the universe. We have temples of this kind in various parts of this sphere in order to urge the human being to develop.
-As I said, this is the temple dedicated to the universe; there are also temples that are dedicated to music and all other forms of art and science. Here the spirit has everything at its disposal.

-Birds in ineffable colours flew all around him. They lived in the company of man and were aware of their life. They were one with the life that God had laid down in everything

A view into the Hereafter p.579,580

Source:Based on the books of Jozef Rulof