27.8 Art in the Spheres of Light


In each sphere there is a temple of art and here we find art from a higher sphere. In the 1st sphere we find art made by masters from the 2nd sphere. The purpose is to let the inhabitants of that sphere see and feel how beautiful and deep is the next higher sphere they can reach.
In the Middle Ages masters incarnated on earth to show 2nd sphere art to humanity.
First we saw painting and sculpture arts and then music.

-Look, André, there is the first sphere. We now go to the temple of art where I am going to connect you with the past.

-The art to be given to the earth in those days came from this sphere and some of the masters were already connected with the second sphere, though only a few.

-First the art of painting and sculpture and subsequently the music. Music, too, was brought on earth from this side.

The Origin of the Universe p.525,526,528

-What is that big building over there, Alcar? It looks much finer than all the others. The master builders who erected it dwell in a higher sphere. So it was accomplished in accordance with their inner power and feeling. It’s meant to urge those who live here to reach that same level in art. At the sight of a high- er attunement they will exert themselves accordingly.

-Art in this sphere corresponds with the level of the second attunement, and as we ascend we find higher forms of art.

A view into the Hereafter p.564

-These flower arrangements symbolically represented certain thoughts. This form of art was equally remarkable to him. Just as gardens were decorated on earth, here nature had created pieces of art, which refined feelings had accurately calculated. He immediately and clearly sensed one of these representations. It said: From darkness into the light.

A view into the Hereaftep.582

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof