29.2 Spiritual Fruits in the Sixth Sphere of Light


The Sixth Sphere of Light is of a wonderful beauty. Everywhere are beautiful sphere-flowers and delicious spiritual fruits. Jozef Rulof is allowed by Master Cesarino to taste a spiritual fruit. When he touches the fruit, it disintegrates. This is because his spiritual level is too crude for this highly developed spiritual sphere. Master Cesarino then explains that experiencing is the basis for evolution and says: “Experiencing is learning and learning is development in the spirit.”

-Birds were singing their song all around; all of life was full of joy. Now they were down in the valley; André turned around and the mountain, where he had been on top just a while ago, rose up above him into infinity. Hundreds of beings were following the same track, all wearing magnificent garments that glistened like suns.

-Left and right fruit was growing and he was curious indeed to know what these looked like inside and how they would taste.

-Cesarino, who had been following his inner conver- sation, made him sense that he was allowed to take one. He chose one and wanted to pick the fruit.

-After he had stretched out his hand to pick the fruit, the fruit suddenly flowed apart. A shock went through him. Again he had received a lesson in life. He, the earthly human being, wanted to pick spiritual fruit. But for these he was too coarse.

-The angel put his fine spiritual hand on his shoulder and said: ‘To undergo something, André, is experience, and experience is devel- opment in the spirit.’

 A View into the Hereafter p.609

 Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof