3.1 All live is born of the Divine All-Mother and evolves to return


Billions of years ago our Universe was born from the All-Source, the Divine All-Mother.
The birth process of the All-Mother experienced seven eras of development.
In the final phase, an enormous sphere of Divine spiritual plasma, trembling gold light, was created.
This plasma split into two Divine Basic Forces: expanding Motherhood and creating Fatherhood.
From this the universe and all life was born, which then began to evolve.


-And now every spark had… Every spark that came from that All-Source and which could not yet be seen, spiritualized itself, materialized and must return to the conscious Divine All.

-You are that, we are that, the flowers are that, the waters are that, the animal is that. All that life returns to God, must return to God, otherwise that universe will collapse.

Lectures Part 1  p.392

-Thus, André, death and birth, passing over and returning to the Divine source applies to all these enormous planets, but also to the smallest insect known on earth.

The origin of the Universe  p.132

-Nature evolves, all its life, we too, but this universe will dissolve completely one day, because the human being and all life will then have conquered this universe.

-We return to God in order to represent him there, in the Divine ‘All’, because we are Gods!

Question and Answer part 1 p. 60, 61

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof