30.2 Most people on Earth are attuned to the Land of Twilight


A soul that has finished its lives on Earth is attracted to that sphere which suits the emotional life, which has been achieved.  The average attunement of all people on Earth in our time is still the twilight land. However, slowly but surely all souls are developing toward the light. One day humanity will be attuned to the first sphere of light. In biblical terms you can then speak of  “The Kingdom of God on Earth”.

-Look, André, we are in the Land of Twilight, I lived here. When I had died on earth I awoke in this place which was my spiritual attunement. Most people arrive here from the earth and they are all not good or bad, though they have no spiritual possession.

The Origin of the Universe p.544

-My clothes fit and were a part of my whole personality. I had arrived here as a coachman and I would have to remain that for the time being.
-Then I saw people who had adorned themselves with earthly jewellery and wore beautiful clothes, but I also saw people who were shrouded in rags. There were old and young people, the young people had reached the age of twenty, but I did not see any children. The nature was approximately like autumn on earth.
-A ditch ran along the path and the water in it was grey, the greyness of the landscape lay over everything.

Those who came back from the Dead p.124,125

-We are now going to the Land of Twilight, where Gerhard entered when he left the earth. His life is known to you, but do you also understand the life and spiritual attunement of all those other millions of beings that live there and must free themselves from the dark sides of their personality? It is not only the personality of a single individual that can be determined in the Land of Twilight, but that of the masses too, and even of mankind as a whole.

Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side p.343

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof