30.3 The living dead


There are also people in the Land of Twilight, who had dogmatic beliefs on Earth, but did not know true selfless love in their hearts. Preachers of these religions continue to preach their teachings because they still feel they have to convert and teach other people. If they preached on earth that God condemns man who commits great sins with an eternal burning in hell, they continue to preach that dogma of condemnation even in the Land of Twilight.

-There are clergymen from earth here, who even in the life after death keep on talking about hell and damnation and confront others with this. Right here, while they’re in eternity.’ ‘You really mean that, Alcar?’  What I say is nothing but the sad truth, nothing else. They have thou- sands of followers. You will get to know them when we get there. They set up their parishes and preach eternal damnation.
-Those who speak of hell and damnation are all cold inside. They spend their entire life praying, yet it’s void of any power. Their prayers are cold and stripped of life. Everything about them is dead, just as they are themselves. That’s why we call them the living dead over here. Indeed they’re dead, because they don’t feel life; life doesn’t damn or murder and knows no violence, because life is God and stands for Love.
-Everything will appear to man just as he feels and that’s the attune- ment he will find here. Their prayers will become powerful only if they’re in harmony, one with life.

A View into the Hereafter p.318,319

-Poor and the rich live here, the intellectual next to the manual worker, the faithful next to the pagan’, father says. ‘All of them are bound to this dry, barren land since the love does not yet live in them which can make a paradise blossom for them.

Through the Grebbelini to Eternal Life p.222

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof