30.6 Anyone who really wants, gets help from light spirits


Spirits of love from the Spheres of Light help human beings to develop further in love. They help the spiritual person to break free from the dark spheres and encourage them to develop in Love and move on to the Spheres of Light.
But, please note, the human being has a free will and can only be helped if he or she is really willing to commit to it. (see also 26.6)

-The poor and the rich live here, the intellectual next to the manual worker, the faithful next to the pagan, father says. All of them are bound to this dry, barren land since the love does not yet live in them which can make a paradise blossom for them. They are devoid of every spiritual possession and as a result of this they are inaccessible for a higher consciousness. As soon as something awakens in them spiritual aids rush to them, sisters and brothers, who want to devote themselves en- tirely to them. They do everything to show these souls the way, to let them penetrate a higher life.

Through the Grebbelini to Eternal Life p.222

-They’re not looking for anything, André. They are the ones who will soon go on to another sphere. They feel unhappy. They feel remorse and want to make amends for all the wrong they did. They will soon be offered an oppor- tunity to do good. They keep their distance from the others, they’re sick of their lives; they sense a higher, a different kind of life. Spirits will come over here to help them and to show them how to pass on.

– And you, my friends, to all of you I call out: you too must leave this barren land behind; a different, a higher happiness awaits you.

Leave this valley of tears and follow the way they travelled and all will trav- el because it’s the road which God shows us and will always show us. Stand up, my friends, follow the path of love. Follow the path which will take you to the land of eternal happiness, where your friends already live.’

A View into the Hereafter p.327,334


Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof