31.6 The third dark sphere is called: “the valley of sorrows”


Their misery is terrible. For thousands of years they live in the dark spheres to pay the penalty for the sins they committed within a short earthly life. Isn’t it atrocious? Must man disgrace himself in such a way? They live in the Valley of Sorrows and they are  unaware of their lives.

 A View into the Hereafter p.278

-André stood at the edge of a vast, im- mense valley. Deep down there people lived. It had grown even darker. But here too he could perceive. There were no streets or plains here, it was a deep crevice, and this place supposedly contained life too.

-Nothing but misery, my son, nothing but sorrow, indescribable sorrow. In the condition which we just left, man crawls about, and that is how he tries to find a different condition of life. When those whom you are about to see awaken, they will try to escape from this condition. This condition is connected to the animal-like attune- ment and that is where they pass on to from here. There they live in caverns and there they will prepare to get to the Land of Hatred where their real life begins.’

– These beings were even more terrible than those up above. Their movement was sluggish. They could hardly drag themselves along. After every gait they remained lying for some moments. These were supposed to be human beings! And yet this beast is Divine too.

-Whatever did these people do to get into such a situation? Is man capable of so much wrongdoing?’

-Thousands of human lives have been slaughtered and their hearts were torn to pieces. I could mention many other ferocities which could never enter your mind because you cannot think up such evil.

A View into the Hereafter p.303,304

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof