31.8 The first dark sphere is the deepest hell, characterized by stinking, rotting life


Is this sphere the lowest on this side, Alcar?
Yes, my son, here are the people who broke all laws of nature. All these beings are indomitable.
They know no bounds; they don’t realize what they do. That is why they are in this condition.

The Origin of the Universe p.510

-All these people have sunk very deeply; they are uncon- scious and just lie here, which may last thousands of years. Yet, one day they will awaken and start a new life.

The Origin of the Universe p.511

-There is one being who killed millions of people. Just imagine his struggle, his misery and sorrow in the future. He will have to sleep for thousands of years; it is not until then that he will also be born. He will be a feeble minded, insane, and a living dead being.

The Origin of the Universe p.514

-Your head, your face will not have any – now it will come, madam, you should imagine, ladies, gentlemen – your face will no longer have a normal, cos- mic spiritual responsibility. That divine by means of which we possess our face, that has been cut to pieces. Every wrong deed and action takes away something of that normal, shining and deforms us.
-Guus Doré who drew in Dante*) was close by, but you see them completely bleeding to death. Like jellyfish the human being lies there in the darkness on the beach; there is no beach, but they lie there like jellyfish, gone slimy.

Question and Answer p.308,309

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof

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