31.9 Light spirits offering help in the dark spheres


Light spirits from the higher spheres descend in groups into the dark spheres to do their work of love down there. They must possess infinite human love, or they will not last long there. And when they have found someone who from the depths of his heart cries out for help and begs God to be delivered from that dark pool, he is taken to a sphere, which is higher and serves as a purification sphere.

-But how do you find the unfortunate spirits amongst all these millions, Alcar?’  ‘Their cries of anguish and their shouts for help reach the higher regions, and the helpers below are informed from there. Then they set off. They have to possess an infinite love for mankind, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to stand it for long. This work of love helps them to develop too, and this makes them gain spiritual power. And when they have found someone who calls for help from the bottom of his heart, and begs God to be released from that dark cesspool, then that person is brought to a higher sphere which is, as it were, set up for purification.

A View into the Hereafter p.176 

-I’m going to explain that every being can experi- ence birth, reincarnation on earth, if he really wants to. When they live in the astral world and have completed their cycle on earth, their return is a mercy. That is the wonder of reincarnation on earth, it is deep and mighty and like everything else, sacred.

-When inner life receives an other organism they can achieve more in that short life on earth than in a few hundred years on this side. Do not forget that when one lives in the darkness, one does not have any- thing but darkness and cold. Try to imagine that condition. That same being now receives a material organism on earth. While on earth, it will irrevocably meet that inner life to which it must make up. The soul only returns to the earth for that purpose. Thus, God comes to the aid of this life. Millions of beings receive this mercy. They would not oth- erwise make any progress, though all these beings are children of God. Millions of beings live in the darkness who yearn to come back.

The Origin of the Universe p.507

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof