4.2 The All-Mother gave birth to the two Divine Basic Forces: Motherhood and Fatherhood


Two Divine basic forces were born from the aura of the All-Mother: the Motherhood-the expanding force and the Fatherhood-the creative capacity.
Motherhood formed a sphere of condensed spiritual energy in the universe from which life and the first planet were born.


-The mother, the All-Mother has begun with her process of giving birth. Aura comes and that aura connects itself, spreads itself through this vastness. That is the body, the organism for the All-Mother from which God was born, from which the Father originated.

Lectures part 1 p.408

-I can now see that the astral cosmos has created the material. And that happening represents God as ‘Mother’! The life went from Motherhood to the creating capacity.

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1 p.95

-The All-Mother divided herself, the All-Mother gave birth in order to become father. What does the mother do? What happens when the child awakens? But that giving birth has become creating!

Lectures part 1 p.421

-Now we will soon see that this whole, immense, eternal universe is nothing more than a father and a mother. And that is everything. And you will see how simple everything actually is if you just know that beginning stage.

Lectures part 2 p.42

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof