7.2 Where does the soul of the child come from?


Before this soul was attracted, it remained in the World of the Unconscious.
Here all information from past lives was erased from the day consciousness of that soul.
Only the character and the personality and aspects as talents, that have been built up in previous lives, are taken to the new life.

-However, if this soul has to return to earth again in order to make up for or to experience something, then the world of the unconscious attracts this life of the soul.

-This world is for the soul to rest and prepare itself for the new birth.
-The soul now descends to the spark stage, which is to the moment of the awakening, when creation started.

-As a Divine spark the soul can descend into the mother organism, after which the growing process can begin.
-As an adult conscious the soul cannot descend into the mother body because the soul crushes the foetus to death, since there is now too much inspiration.

-The soul as a spark now awakens in the mother, after which the growing process begins.

 Spiritual Gifts p.202

 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof