7.4 The soul is driving the new life in the mother to development


The feeling power of a soul is built up in the many lives that have been experienced.
If a soul has only just descended, the feeling force is not yet at full strength.
That is also the case, because a soul with full strength of strength might damage or even kill the delicate fetus in the mother.

-The substance in the spirit represents the reality of the material, because God created all life in this way. He provided it with soul, life and spirit, which are the three foundations.

-The soul is the Divine core, the life is the All-Source. And we expand that life, we spiritualize it and we materialize it.

 “Lectures part 1” p.309

-Direct consciousness comes to the embryo between the third and fourth month.

The Cycle of the Soul p.306

-Now we will continue, that evolution continues.
Then I will show you: the human being is light, the human being is life, the human being is fatherhood and motherhood, the human being is soul and spirit, but the human being is also feeling.

-And that is the feeling of the All-Mother.
And feeling is a driving force, is inspiration, and is also giving birth, that is also the All-Source in us.

Lectures part 2 p.30

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof