29.0 The Sixth and Seventh Sphere of Light
29.1 The Sixth Sphere of Light is also called the music-sphere
29.2 Spiritual Fruits in the Sixth Sphere of Light
29.3 A life symphony in the Temple of Music
29.4 The Seventh Sphere of Light and thereafter the transition to the 4th Cosmic Degree
29.5 Children who pass away too early go to the angelic realms of peace and happiness
29.6 The mental areas form the transition to the 4th Cosmic Degree
29.7 Masters in the spiritual realms are also called ‘Angels’
28.0 The Meadow and the Fourth and the Fifth Sphere of Light
28.1 The Meadow is the meeting place of spirits and their loved ones from Earth
28.2 General Characteristics of the Fourth and Fifth Sphere of Light
28.3 The Fourth Sphere of Light
28.4 In the Temple of the Soul, each soul can descend into its own past
28.5 In the Temple of the Soul, one can become proficient in a particular study
28.6 In the spiritual realms, a soul can deserve a universal name
28.7 The Fifth Sphere of Light
28.8 A Spiritual home is built by Love power
28.9 In the Temple of Happiness, twin souls move together from the Fifth to the Sixth Sphere of Light
28.10 Blessing by Christ of twin souls who pass into the Sixth Sphere of Light
1. Video-Lesson 1 Everything around you is born of the Divine Source of Love
2. Video-Lesson 2 There is no death, there is only Evolution
3. Video-Lesson 3 The Divine Cycle for the human being
4. Video-Lesson 4 The Cosmic Laws of Fatherhood and Motherhood guide the evolution of man and universe
5. Video-Lesson 5 The Divine Fatherhood and Motherhood in the Ancient Vedas
6. Video-Lesson 6 The Motherhood of humanity is Cosmically Sacred
7. Video-Lesson 7 The deeply moving “miracle” of pregnancy
8. Video-lesson 8 Why does a child look like the father or the mother?
9. Video-Lesson 9 Through reincarnation in new lives the Soul can develop
10. Video-Lesson 10 The Cosmic Laws of Reincarnation, Karma and of Cause and Effect
27.0 The first three Spheres of Light still have Earthly influences
27.1 Characteristics of the first three Spheres of Light
27.2 Male or female. Appearance and clothing. Twin soul
27.3 Communicate with feeling and move with the speed of thought
27.4 Each Sphere has its own mentor
27.5 The first Sphere of Light most closely resembles the Earth
27.6 The Second Sphere of Light
27.7 The third Sphere of Light
27.8 Art in the Spheres of Light
27.9 In every sphere there is a spiritual fountain
27.10 In the Temple of the Medici, they are working on a method to permanently cure cancer
26.0 The Spirit Worlds After Death
26.1 The World of the Unconscious is for souls that have yet to reincarnate
26.2 How long does it take for the soul to get a new life again
26.3 The spheres in the Hereafter
26.4 Man as creator of the dark and light spheres
26.5 Only by serving in Love can the soul develop spiritually
26.7 The astral worlds for animals and nature
26.6 Every soul gets help from spirits of Love
26.8 Everything in the Universe is in one state
25.1 LOVE is the Essence of everything
25.2 Love is Light and Love is Creative Power
25.3 By giving Love to the life around you, your Soul will develop more and more Feeling and Love
25.4 A Soul with Universal Love has tuned in to the Spheres of Light
25.5 The Spiritual Kiss is the ultimate spiritual oneness-experience of the Soul with an other life
25.6 The message of Christ was clear “Have your closest LOVE as yourself”
24.1 The All-Source for creation began
24.2 The Cosmic Laws of Motherhood and Fatherhood let the Universe and all life expand
24.3 The Cosmic Law of Reincarnation ensures that our Soul is constantly given new bodies, new lives to evolve
24.4 The birth of Mars, Earth, stars and planets. The Expanding Universe
24.5 The birth of the first human cells
24.6 The first three Cosmic Grades of live are in our universe with the mother planets Moon, Mars and Earth
24.7 Through Reincarnation human can have spiritual and a physical evolution
24.8 Every soul has a free will and follows its own path to enlightment
24.9 In the evolution of the soul the animal follows man, but it does not get the highest consciousness
24.10 The law of Karma or the law of Cause and Effect?
24.11 All of our lives are in our reincarnating live of feeling
24.12 The main issues of reincarnation and karma
23.1 LOVE is the highest Divine power
23.2 Christ wanted to bring to Earth the “Gospel of LOVE”
23.3 Only through unconditional LOVE the soul can develop
23.4 Through the power of LOVE the Soul became the creator of the Spheres of Light
23.5 The soul must develop seven degrees of feeling of LOVE
23.6 The fourth degree of spiritual development is Universal LOVE, the Oneness experience with all life on earth
23.7 The Spiritual Kiss is the spiritual experiencing LOVE, the oneness-experience of the soul with an other life
23.8 The seventh degree of LOVE is the Oneness-experience with all life in the Cosmos
23.9 All life must evolve to achieve a higher degree of LOVE
22.0 The disembody of Jozef Rulof
22.1 The mission of Jozef Rulof and his Heavenly Masters
22.2 The University of Christ was founded by the the Order of Christ
22.3 The message of Christ: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”
22.4 As a priest in the Temple of Isis, Jozef Rulof learned to disembody
22.5 The first phase of embodyment is equal to the first phase of passing away
22.6 During sleep and with the help of a spiritual guide someone can disembody unconsciously
21.0 Near Death Experience (NDE)
21.1 What is a Near Death Experience (NDE)
21.2 What are the specific characteristics of a NDE
21.3 What are the consequences of an NDE
21.4 What is an NDE according to the Wisdom of Jozef Rulof
21.5 The fluid cord connects the physical body with the spiritual body
21.6 In an NDE the soul is attracted by that astral sphere, to which it has attunement
20.0 Twin Souls in Cosmic perspective
20.1 Twin souls originated at the beginning of creation
20.2 Connected forever by Twinsoul love
20.3 On Earth every twin soul must make up for his own karma and each one follows his own way
20.4 Although separated from each other, the twin soul feels a hidden desire for the other
20.5 Sometimes twin souls meet on Earth
20.6 In the Spheres of Light twin souls continue together again
20.7 Sometimes a twin soul who has reached the Spheres of Light must wait a while for the other
20.8 After the Spheres of Light the twin souls are attracted by the Fourth Cosmic Degree
20.9 Twin souls will one day experience Divine unity